Audit Firm for cryptocurrency hedge funds

Hedge Fund emerging in the cryptocurrency market
If you have been following CNBC and the media you have likely heard that cryptocurrency hedge funds that are hitting the street.  These products are designed to provide accredited investors the opportunity to have exposure to cryptocurrency market. There has been a lot of firm’s partnering with service providers or hiring internal IT support to handle the security issues such as cold wallet storage.

Custody of assets and Cold Storage Solutions
When launching a new hedge fund in any for that matter, custody of assets and security is always a top concern and needs to be addressed before the launch. 

Retaining an Audit Firm for your hedge fund
The last piece to complete is retaining an audit firm for your hedge fund. This is a very important decision to make as the investors of the fund consider the audit process a key component in the due diligence process prior to investing.  You will want to ensure that your auditors have expertise in working with hedge funds and even more important the cryptocurrency sector.

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