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The Accounting Firm of the new generation is going back to traditional values

Our Story

When we started MP Group we believed there was a great opportunity to serve the needs of entrepreneurs  and private enterprise. In the evolving world of the information today, business owner's need access to professional services on demand and quickly.  Our firm focuses on these two principles: access to professional advice and on demand support.

Our story is simple, we were trained by some of the largest public accounting firms in the world and obtained our experience  from the "Big Four". We wanted to ensure we were well rounded business advisors so we focused in various service areas: audit and assurance, financial advisory, corporate tax, transaction advisory, and management consulting.  

We wanted to have experience working with large public companies, and also private enterprises.  We know that we had a passion to help business owner's solve problems and focus on growing their company to reach their entrepreneurial vision.  Hence, MP Group was founded.

Our Passion

Our passion is working with people and companies that want to grow their business and achieve great success.  We are not afraid of  servicing new niche markets and industries since this is the next generation of business.

At MP Group we believe in sustainable growth, and we always see the big picture to support that growth before it happens.  Having the vision to develop a plan to achieve future results is where growth all begins.  You can have the greatest assets, brightest people, and the resources, but it all starts from a vision to solve a problem or create something amazing to offer and help your customers.  Putting that vision into a clear plan that can be executed is why we got into this business from the start.

Personal Relationships

The service business is a relationship business, and we are representing our services through our firm's personalities and character. At the end of the day, trust is what our firm's success relies on.  From client response time, to financial advisory for a large transaction, trust is everything.  MP Group views each and every client as business partners and we treat your business like it's our own. When our clients succeed then we succeed as a team.

We knew from the start that building long lasting relationships was a driving factor to our success, this started while working at the "Big Four" multinational accounting firms and is at the forefront of what we stand for at MP Group today.

We saw a large need and gap in the private business space for developing top notch quality service offerings with the personal relationship focus required. High quality service coupled with strong personal relationships and viewing our clients as partnerships is what we thrive on.

Helping companies find their way is MP Groups mission.

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