Canada's First Accounting & Advisory Firm for Blockchain

Canada's First Accounting & Advisory Firm for Blockchain
Tax advisors and partners of Decentral - a Toronto based innovation hub for decentralized technologies. www.decentral.ca MP Group is a boutique accounting and advisory firm that focuses on value added accounting, tax and consulting services executed by senior professionals. Our partners have a expertise with blockchain tax advisory, and business consulting.

We are the first blockchain accountants in Toronto and have been working with a lot of different companies from the Co-founder of Ethereum, to bitcoin mining companies, investors, developers, and other blockchain start-up ventures. 

MP Group’s partners are former Big Four professionals (Deloitte, KPMG and PwC), now offering specialized services for the blockchain industry.  We are also investors in the space.

MP Group started in the sector from the beginning and really saw an opportunity to help these companies with their accounting, tax, and business advisory requirements.  At the time (i.e. 2013-2014), professionals did not really understand the blockchain sector, and it is only until recently big four firm’s started exploring the space and offering professional services around creating tax structures.

Client's include: 

  • Blockchain companies creating decentralized technologies
  • Cryptocurrency investors
  • Cryptocurrency mining companies
  • Wallet developer's 
  • Other blochchain/software companies

Service offerings include:

  • Tax advisory for investors
  • Audit & assurance for hedge funds
  • Tax optimal structures & consulting
  • Corporate tax compliance

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