Consulting & CFO 2 GO

MP Group is full service accounting & advisory firm that focuses on Private Enterprises & Entrepreneurs.  We offer a wide range of services which in consulting & our CFO 2 GO.  See below for more details on the service offerings and their benefits:


Providing solutions for operational efficiency, creating ways to drive value for customers and increasing your bottom line is what we do. As trusted business advisors, we know that business is always changing and decisions need to be made to improve the efficiency and cash flow of the company. At MP Group we can assist your management team by developing a proposed future business plan and provide recommendations. We can also provide a full review of your existing business plan and deliver improvements to drive shareholder value.


Is your business expanding fast and outgrowing its current IT system or financial reporting platform? We can provide a complete analysis, review your current system and provide ready to implement solutions.

We also provide full internal control assessments and can issue a report on our findings of any significant control deficiencies and deliver custom recommendations to ensure the safeguarding of your company's assets.


Are you considering a merger or acquisition? Then you will want to assess the EBITA and cash flow of the company prior to establishing a valuation. You will want to validate the EBITA prior to negotiating a purchase price. We can provide an initial assessment of the historical and projected cash flow statements to provide an analysis that outlines factors to be considered prior to the purchase. We can also perform specified procedures to validate the existence and valuation or assets, and completeness of liabilities on the balance sheet. 


You Need a CFO that has a wide range of skill sets that can dive into a range of different offerings and also has ability to drive change and help the business grow.  Read this article here regarding whether your CFO can pass the test.

We are business advisors that develop strategies for entrepreneurs which allow them to reach their business vision. We also provide consulting solutions which result in strategies to boost sales and solutions for increasing margins. Our “CFO to go service” are for companies that require a CFO and need a financial expert on their team but does not find it cost effective to have one full time. Our service provides a cost effective alternative with all the benefits of a full time CFO such as the following:

  • Financial expertise
  • Broad experience
  • Flexibility
  • Credibility
  • Investor, shareholder creditor liaison
  • Providing useful information for decision making.

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