Covid 19 $40K interest free loan...$10K forgiven (Canada Emergency Business Account)

Canada Emergency Business Account

The Federal government has announced that they will be providing additional support to small businesses which a guaranteed loan through the Chartered Canadian banks.  These banks will begin the application process starting the week of April 6th, 2020.

Details of the loan and terms:

·           $40,000 loan

·           Interest free for the term

·           Term of the loan is until December 31, 2022

·           $10,000 is eligible for forgiveness if $30,000 is paid on or before December 31, 2022

·           There is also an option to convert the loan after this date into a 3-year term loan at an interest rate of 5%.

Your business will qualify if you meet the following conditions:

·           You have an operating company registered in Canada;

·           Your business has an annual payroll of between $50,000 and $1 million, based on their 2019 T4SUM Summary of Remuneration     Paid;

·           Your business will require must hold a primary business operating account with a Canadian chartered bank.

·           Business contact information and other details will be required at the time of the application.

·           Other information may be requested by the bank at the time of the application.

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If you have additional questions on the process for applying for the small business interest free loan, or would like to speak with an MP Group advisor please contact a partner directly to schedule a call.

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