Excited about the newly anticipated film

We are excited about the newly anticipated film "Tiger",  a great story about an American boxer who was banned from fighting in the ring based on his religious beliefs.  The writers of this great boxing tale are from Toronto, Canada one of the greatest cities known for being multicultural and embracing inclusion and diversity.  Their goal when writing the script was to educate it's viewers on some of the pressing discriminatory issues faced today. 

In recent interviews, the writers and co-stars, Michael Pugliese and Prem Singh ( Co-founders of Running Tiger Films) mentioned that the story is about an proud American, that just wants to be seen as American, that's all.  His right to fight in the ring with a beard is fought for by his lawyer in the film, played by Janel Parish and his boxing coach, Mickey Rourke.

The director of the film is Alister Grierson, mentions that he wanted to make a film that has a very middle american feel. That is why the production was set in Hamilton, Ohio.   Check out this interview.

We understand that Michael and Prem wanted to create a film that is going to change the way people view others and the project is very close to their hearts.  We have learned their story, and all the hard work and time they have put into the process.  We wish them all the best for the success for the film.  It is truly amazing that their dream and vision to create this film is now becoming a reality!  Look out for the release of the film Tiger coming soon.

MP Group with Running Tiger Films after production of the film "Tiger".

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