Finding the right lawyer in Toronto

There are few questions to ask when looking for a lawyer for your business, see below for some that are helpful:

1) Has the lawyer offered  a consultation to get an understanding of your business and your legal council requirements?  This goes a long way to establishing a positive professional relationship and shows that they are looking to understand your business before providing legal advice.

2) Does the law firm have experience working with clients in your industry and providing similar legal services?

3) Does the partner work directly with the clients, or does their associates do the majority of the face time with their clients?

4) What is the partner's professional background, and firm's or companies worked for in the past?

5) Do you get a long with the partner and associates at the firm and do you feel like their providing value to your business and meeting your legal council expectations?

6) How does the law firm charge?  Do they charge hourly rates, fixed fees, or a mix of both?

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