Meet the Partners at MP Group

Meet the Partners at MP Group!

Raffael Mazze

A qualified CPA, CA, LPA with a background from two of the top international accounting firms, Deloitte and PwC.  Raffael started his professional career at Deloitte in audit and advisory for large public and private clients.  He has extensive experience in the manufacturing, consumer business and media & entertainment industries.  He also has a background in personal and corporate tax from PwC with a focus in tax planning and corporate reorganization.

Raffael brings investment experience and offers strategies, valuations for businesses or other asset such as inventory, and offers solutions for making sound investment decisions.

Kunal Parshotam

A versatile CPA, CA, LPA that also has a background with the big four accounting firms KPMG and PwC. Kunal has experience working with private and owner/manager businesses in a variety of different industries from corporate finance, private equity and fortune 500 companies, to small business and the fashion industry.

He started his career at KPMG where he focused on private enterprises in the audit and business advisory group where he developed a niche for private client service.

Kunal also has a tax background from PwC focusing in areas such as SRED, international tax, non-resident compliance, indirect tax, and other specialized personal tax planning strategies.  

MP Group’s Approach

At MP, we believe that to have a quality service conducted in a timely manner, experienced and knowledgeable staff is a must.  Most large accounting firms cut costs by having junior staff perform the work with senior staff spending minimal time on the engagement.  We will ensure that the engagement team will include experienced and knowledgeable staff.

Why choose MP Group? It comes down to our high quality, personalized service tailored to your needs at a reasonable competitive fee.  MP Group is a boutique accounting firm that will be able to dedicate the time and expertise to your business.  Our firm has the expertise and experience to provide you with the assurance services you require.  We also differentiate ourselves from other firms by having experienced staff carry out the engagement.

MP Group wants to be part of the success of your organization and we believe in adding value.  Your business will receive the industry specific attention and personal care that your company deserves.  We will ensure that you receive the best service and are excited to be working with your organization.


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