MP Group is an Alternative to Larger and Mid-Sized Accounting Firms

Toronto accounting firms provide assurance, accounting and tax services to businesses and individuals. Service based companies differentiate themselves by either being more experienced, competent or maintaining better relationships with their customers than their competitors in the same service line. MP Group would like to outline the benefits of working with a boutique accounting firm of former Big 4 accounting firm professionals (KPMG, Deloitte, and PwC).

Alternatives to Large and Mid-Sized Accounting Firms

The below are the primary reason for working with MP Group would be beneficial for your business:

1. Increased Partner face time and attention:

As a boutique accounting and advisory firm, we take pride in our ability to dedicate equal resources to each one of our clients. When working with MP Group, your business has access to our partners and they are closer to your business. The partners at MP Group are entrepreneurs themselves and can relate to owner manager private enterprises and understand what their goals and frustrations are. With this mutual understanding, we understand the importance of communication and being available to our clients for discussions and planning. By working with MP Group whose partners come from the big four, then you have the best of both worlds: experience you can trust and personal attention for your business.

2. The quality of work and services delivered is the same as the big four:

When working with a boutique accounting firm like MP Group, the quality of the work delivered is similar to the big 4 accounting firms and other mid market firms. The partners at MP Group are Licensed Public Accountants (LPA) and have the ability to provide assurance services such as review engagements. In addition, the partners at MP Group have many years of tax knowledge and are constantly remaining up to date with the tax code. This allows clients to have access to partners that are proficient in assurance and accounting standards, while wearing a “tax hat” to identify and address any potential tax issues and exposure. All financial spectrum of the business can be addressed by MP Group from financing, financial statement preparation, to sophisticated tax advisory.

3. MP Group is more cost effective while providing greater efficiencies:

Large and mid-sized accounting firms tend to be a lot more expensive than local accounting firms like MP Group. It may appear that the fees are reasonable to access experts in tax and accounting; however, that is not necessarily compromised while working with a boutique firm. For example, the partners from MP Group are former KPMG, Deloitte, and PwC and have now dedicated their expertise in serving mid-market.

Partners at the big four accounting firms generally charge anywhere from $1,000 + an hour for their time, and their managers range in the $600-$750 per hour range, and the junior staff charge out at $250-$350 per hour. When you work with MP Group, services are rendered by experienced professionals at a fraction of the cost. In addition, MP Group does not charge hourly and offers value pricing at fixed rates that maintains transparency and no awkward surprise invoices.

To learn more about how MP Group can assist you with your tax, accounting, and consulting service requirements contact an adviser at 416-214-0527 or visit www.mpgroupcpa.com.

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