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We get asked all the time if individuals can benefit from engaging our firm for personal tax compliance and planning services?  When you choose a Chartered Accountant at MP Group you're getting a trusted tax advisor.  A Chartered Accountant can help you save time and money so you can focus on running your business and your life. We specialize in working with owner/manager businesses, investors, sales professionals, professional athletes, and other individuals/professionals.

Our firm helps our clients understand the tax implications of certain asset transactions, family estate planning, and wealth management.   As trusted personal advisors, we focus on building a long standing relationship with our clients, provide insight and support their for their financial decisions.

Individuals in the income earning types or scenarios that would benefit the most from our services would include the following:

-Self-employed individuals

-Commission Income

-Rental Income 

-Foreign Income, and resident in Canada for tax purposes

-Significant Investment Income

-Looking to transfer your current business to a corporation

-Selected for review or audit by CRA

-Looking for tax planning opportunities

-Would like to assess the tax implications of a certain investment class, or portfolio on whole.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to an MP Group advisor please contact one of our partners.

Raffael Mazze, CPA, CA, LPA

Direct:  416-453-4227
E-mail: rmazze@mpgroupcpa.com

Kunal Parshotam, CPA, CA, LPA
Direct: 416-824-1889
E-mail: kparshotam@mpgroupcpa.com

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