SR&ED and Other Incentive Claims

For businesses that have expenditures qualifying as scientific research or experimental development, they will have the ability to claim these as an investment tax credit and may receive a substantial refund once assessed by the Canada Revenue Agency. We also assist with tax incentives such as film and video tax, apprenticeship, innovation, digital media, sound recording, equipment investment, etc.

SR&ED tax credits represent a significant financial incentive for undertaking eligible activities and filing a corresponding SR&ED claim with the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”). The tax credits may be used to reduce your income tax liability with CRA or instead paid directly to your organization, subject to some restriction.  For Canadian-controlled private corporations, the SR&ED tax credit is a refundable tax credit which means the company will receive a cheque from the government for the amount of the tax credit.

Not sure what qualifies? We provide a full analysis on which expenses qualify and file your claim.

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