Tax credits for film and television in Toronto

Toronto has become a popular designation spot to shoot some of the latest films and television shows.  We all know that the TV show "Suits" have been shot in the financial district of Toronto's downtown core, but here is a list of some of the other top movies that were shot in Toronto that you may find interesting:

-"Suicide Squad" ( 2016)- Shot in Toronto last year.

- "Good will hunting" the classic line of "how do you like them apples"? Was actually shot in a bar in downtown Toronto called the upfront bar and grill on front street.

-"American Psycho"  The TD center hosted the film in many of the boardrooms, especially the famous scene when Patrick Bateman and follow bankers trade business cards then he almost has a panic attack when he sees a new card by his competitor "Paul Allen".

-"X-Men", Roy Thompson hall hosted the scene when professor x  and Magneto discuss the future of the interaction between humans and "mutants".

There are countless other of famous films that have been shot in Toronto, and every year the city hosts an International film festival otherwise know as "TIFF" ( Toronto International Film Festival).  This festival attracts some of the largest starts in Hollywood today.

Why Should Directors and Producers care about Toronto?

They come here since the city is very versatile and can pass for large cities such as NYC, and the suburbs have various diverse settings as well. The tax credits can be significant and the low Canadian Dollar has created a boom in the oast 2 years.  This gives U.S productions a larger bang for their dollar and Toronto has seen the largest increase in production in the past 10 years in 2015 & 2016.

Tax Credits 

Toronto, ON has various tax credits which include the following:

-The Ontario Production Services Tax Credit (OPSTC) is a 21.5% refundable tax credit on Ontario production expenditures (both labour and non-labour costs and including all post-production) for film and television productions produced by foreign or Canadian-controlled corporations. 

-Ontario Interaction Digital Media Tax Credit is a 40% refundable tax credit in the gaming and interactive sector.

-The Ontario Film & Television Tax Credit is a 35% refundable tax credit on Ontario labour for film and television productions by Ontario-based Canadian controlled companies for productions shot in Toronto, Ontario.

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