Tips for hiring an Accountant

Here are a few questions you will want to ask when hiring an accountant for your business or personal matters:

1) Does the Accountant have the expertise necessary to handle your business and personal matters?   Not all Accountants are held equal. Even though the branding of accountants in Canada have merged under the uniform brand of the CPA designation, there are three tries/ types of accounting professionals as follows:

- Chartered Accountants (CA)

-Certified Management Accountants (CMA)

- Certified General Accountants (CGA)

You will want to conduct your own research and determine which Accountant or Accounting Firm is the best fit for your requirements.

2) Does the firm have the relevant experience working with your industry?

3) What firms have they worked for in the past? What is their professional background?

4) How much do they charge and what is their fee structure, are they strictly hourly rates, fixed fee or a mix of both?

5) Do you like and get along with the Accountants or partners at the firm? Do you feel like they treat your business and personal matters with respect and can add value?

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