Using a Personal Pension Plan (“PPP®”) as a tax planning strategy

Few business owners in Canada fully appreciate the various beneficial tax consequences of using a registered pension plan such as a Personal Pension Plan (“PPP®”) to save for retirement over other better-known tools like TFSAs and RRSPs.

For example, while an RRSP saver cannot do any of these, a PPP® client can:

·       Double the amount of tax assistance granted under the Income Tax Act over one’s career

·       Claim deductions for investment management fees

·       Collect the HST pension entity rebate

·       Make tax deductible contributions if markets suffer a correction

·       Benefit from pension income splitting 15 years before an RRSP/RRIF client

·       Enjoy the highest level of creditor protection in Canada

·       Invest in non-RRSP eligible asset classes such as units of limited partnerships

·       Pass wealth on death to family business members without the deemed disposition

Knowing your rights as a taxpayer and what pension legislation can do for business owners is vital, especially once governments stop spending and look for new sources of taxes in the future.

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