Why Partner Face-Time is Important

Communication Today

In today’s information and technology age, we see that the way business is conducted has changed substantially over the past two decades.  The use of technology to communicate has increased through the use of email, text messaging and other forms of e-based communication.  This has made communicating much more easier, and has changed the way companies conduct business.  The top form of communication today is done through text messaging, using cell phones, and then email.  That is why, at MP Group, we value the importance of increasing partner face-time with our clients and open communication.

Our Insights

Based on our experience, we find that interacting with our clients and providing them with the time and attention that they deserve helps facilitate a better working relationship and ensure getting work done efficiently.  We have seen larger accounting firms not reaching out to their clients enough throughout the year and often neglect their clients until its time to address their needs.   We believe that periodically reaching out and keeping in touch with our clients helps address any future issues as we may identify problems early on rather than later.  Also, this reassures our clients that we are here for them and in fact a part of their business.  At the end of the day, we care about our clients.

Our Values

We value the importance of having increased Partner Face-Time so much and this is what separates MP Group from the rest of the firms.  Having senior and experienced members of the firm a phone call away will increase efficiency and help move things along.  Also, for example, our policy is to respond to every client email within a day and never leave a client waiting.  Our partners also like to meet with our clients in person as well as this helps enhance the business relationship and allows for one on one time for them to ask or bring forth any question or concerns regarding their business operations.  And, this is what our clients deserve.

Communication and availability is one of the many benefits that MP Group has to offer.  As we’re in the information age, it is a lot easier to communicate.  So why not do more of it!

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