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What do you need from your accountants?  MP Group can answer that.  We are a passionate about helping our clients and developing an ongoing business relationship.   Getting the job done or the task at hand efficiently and effectively is just one aspect of what your accountant should do.  Understanding your business, identifying potential problems, and being pleasant to work with are other important factors.  If your advisors don’t truly care about you or your business and consider you as just another “file” for them to work on, how can they see the big picture and provide a valuable service.


With the mergers between CMA (Certified Management Accountant), CGA (Certified General Accountant), and CA (Chartered Accountant) designation under one body, CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant), there are many accountants available to choose from.   However, as Oscar Wilde once said, “Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing.”  Almost all professionals have different practice areas, years of practice, and professional experiences.  Therefore, it is important to understand and learn more about the professional you work with.  What makes MP Group standout from the crowd is the fact that all the licensed partners have been working in public practice for more than 10 years.   They have received their CA designation having been working at large reputable accounting firms, PwC, KPMG, and Deloitte, prior to establishing MP Group.  With such experience and background, clients benefit from valuable experience and expertise

Easy to Work With

When you work with an accountant, your goal is to work with a team member.  Your accountant should be part of the organization and be in tune with business developments.  This ensures that the company does not run into accounting or tax issues when it’s too late or that could have been avoided.  To ensure that you have a great relationship with your accountants, you want to ensure that you can work and get along with your professionals.   A lot of this has to do with more than experience and expertise.  It comes down to a personable level and whether you can work with the individual throughout the year.  At MP Group, the partners ensure that they pay very close attention to their client relationships.  The partners are modern, east to work with, and enjoy working together with their clients.   


Having things done efficiently and quickly is the number one priority these days.  Keeping up to date with technology increases accounting firm’s ability to service their clients.  Whether its increase accessibility, access to information quickly, streamlining the workflow, ensuring that the firm is operating at its full potential is beneficial for the client.  At MP Group, the entire firm is paperless and is using cloud filing systems.  This ensures that partners can access files and information as simple as on their mobile devices.   Systems are in place to ensure data is safe and secure remaining confidential. 

Who’s Doing the Work

If you are looking to work with a professional alongside your business, you need to know who is doing the work for you.  At most large accounting firms, a lot of work is pushed downwards to younger and junior staff.  In some instances, the work is outsourced entirely out of Canada.   Most business owners would agree and would be satisfied to know that senior professionals are handling their work and not anyone else.  That is just a fair expectation from anyone paying for professional services.  Unlike other larger accounting firms, the partners at MP Group work closely with their clients.  Junior staff helps with administrative work; however, the bulk of the work is handled closely by MP Group partners.

We feel that providing professional services doesn’t just entail completing a task engaged at hand.  It is way more than that and involved developing a good working relationship.  It is about learning and listening to your clients needs and guiding them to the right direction.  It about providing valuable information and communicating periodically.  That way, you ensure you have someone on your team.

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